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"When I started my business over 8 years ago, I engaged Sara to work with me. I believed that “as the inside so the outside…” She worked with me to create an office environment supportive of the tangible business objectives and the subjective experience I wanted to have. She listened deeply bringing her unique blend of East and West, her wisdom and clear intention along with her technical expertise to our initial and follow-up consults. While my investment has been returned several times over, it is Sara’s contribution to the overall quality of my business life I most deeply appreciate."

BH, Leadership Hand, Alexandria, Va.

"Dear Sara,
I cannot thank you enough for your guidance on how to make our current home more enjoyable. I've been feeling for several years that the energy in the house is not right and you helped me understand why that is, and also gave me some easy and inexpensive ways to improve it. Even though I had read several Feng Shui books myself, having an expert come in with an outside perspective was invaluable. Even more valuable however, were the comments and insight you gave me into the design plans for the new house we are about to start renovating. After going over the plans with you, and suggesting some minor changes to the architect based on your feedback, I feel so much more confident now that the design is going to work well for me and my family. I have recommended you to several people I know who are concerned about maximizing the enjoyment of their house and/or planning any kind of renovation. And the fact that you went the extra mile to view the new property and get a better understanding of the landscaping means a lot. Thank you!"


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"I always look forward to working with Sara. She has great instincts, insight and wisdom which enhance her deep understanding of the principals of Feng Shui. Her intuition and knowledge have helped me to make my home a haven for me and my family. "

NM, Virginia

"For me, Feng Shui is a gift. It is a tool to examine what you are creating in your life by how you arrange your things around you. It offers you the opportunity to change your life by rearranging those items in a way that supports your goals. Sara is a serious practitioner of Feng Shui. She has studied under various masters and visited China to see this powerful tool in action. In the first three weeks I lived in my apartment, I suffered some significant financial challenges. After applying the cure Sara suggested, conditions greatly improved. I was very pleased with the results. If you are looking to change your life, Feng Shui and Sara can help you."

Debbie S., Arlington, VA

"Dear Sara, It’s a pleasure working with you. Your poise, wisdom and commitment to quality work shine loud and clear. My business and staff profit from your excellent work and guidance. Thank you."

Subsystems Inc., Rosslyn/Crystal City, VA

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